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Thank you for coming to our Rawtenstall Market Pop-Up Booking Page.


Before booking please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of trading as a pop-up stall at Rawtenstall Market and also our FAQ which are all found on this page. Any booking will be confirmation that the terms and conditions have been read and agreed. 

When booking please book using the category that best describes your stall. If you are struggling to choose one or have any further questions please email in which we will be able to help you further.

The link to book can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Pop-Up Stall Terms and Conditions:


  • The stall fee is paid in full before the Trading dates stated above.


  • The only goods permitted for sale will be those stated on the Booking Form.

  • PLAY MARKET MANAGEMENT LTD. (‘PLAY’) reserves the right to ask Traders to remove any items not declared within the booking category

  • Set up is from 7am - 9pm on the chosen trading day. Access to the market can be obtained via the market rear yard through the car park and in the red door.  

  • The sale or storage of any illegal goods or those deemed to be harmful or objectionable on Rawtenstall Market is strictly prohibited.

  • Trading hours are 9am-4pm. Traders must ensure that their stalls are set up and ready to trade by 9am and must not be cleared before 4pm, without permission from PLAY. 

  • Outdoor food stalls must only trade within the hours specified on their booking. 

  • Traders must ensure that stalls display their business name and are well presented, clean, tidy and that goods are displayed attractively.

  • Traders must ensure that all their display equipment remains within the stall or space they have been allocated and that all walkways remain clear.

  • Traders must use the stall in a diligent and business-like manner and not do or allow to be done anything which might be or be deemed by PLAY to be or cause to be a nuisance or annoyance to the public or to the occupiers of neighboring or adjoining stalls or which may be detrimental to the Market.

  • Traders are responsible for any and all damage or injury to persons or property occasioned by any of their exhibits, any act or omission by them or their servants, agents or contractors. Traders will indemnify PLAY from and against all claims, damages, loss, expenses and costs in respect of any explosion, fire, accident or injury to property, persons or things that may arise or occur through or in connection with the occupation or use of the Stall(s).

  • PLAY and Rossendale Borough Council are not responsible for Traders’ property whilst attending the market.

  • All Traders must have £5 million Public Liability Insurance as a minimum. Traders are responsible for arranging their own Public Liability Insurance and any other insurance required by law or required to protect their stock and will be asked for proof of insurance on trading day.

  • In the event of the cancellation, abandonment, limitation or postponement of any market organised by PLAY, including interruption or cessation of power supply, there will be no claim against PLAY or RBC.PLAY and RBC cannot be held responsible for loss of earnings as a result of any of these circumstances nor any other action by any third party beyond their control.

  • Traders must comply with all requirements of the law of England and Wales, The Local Environmental Health Authority, The Local Authority, The Police, the Fire Service and PLAY.

  • Traders must remove all their own refuse, wrapping and waste at the end of each market.

  • Traders must comply with all legalities relating to their products.

  • Traders MUST adhere to all health & safety requirements when attending the market.

  • All portable electrical equipment brought to the market for use by Traders must display a current PAT testing label.

  • Traders MUST NOT consume alcohol whilst working 


  • Traders must adhere to all laws and guidance relating to the prevention of the spread of COVID.

  • A trader must not enter the building if they have symptoms of Covid or have had a positive lateral or PCR test result in the past 10 days.


During times in which the government enforces the wearing of face coverings…

  • Face coverings must be work unless you are exempt.

  • Exemptions are based on the government guidelines and must fall into the government given criteria.

  • Should a trader be exempt, the trader will be given an exemption lanyard to wear for the day.

  • Should you refuse to wear a mask and refuse to tell PLAY Market Management that you are exempt, PLAY Market Management will understand this as termination of the booking and will escort the trader off the premises. 



In particular and without prejudice to the rights of PLAY to terminate this Permit at any time if the Permit holder shall fail to observe or perform any of the above conditions or shall neglect by himself, his agents or his servants to observe or conform to all the Statutes and Byelaws, Rules and Regulations made by PLAY with regard to the Market, then it shall be lawful for PLAY to terminate this Permit with immediate effect. Such termination shall be without prejudice to any claim of PLAY in respect of any breach by the Permit holder of any condition contained herein.


All bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable


What is a trading day?

Rawtenstall Market is open from 9-4 on Thursday's and Saturdays. We ask all traders to not pack down before 4pm to ensure all customers have the same great shopping experience. 

What time can I set up?

Set up for a pop up stall is 7am-9am. We ask all traders to be ready to open and trade for 9am at the latest. 

How do I get inside the market?

At Rawtenstall Market we have a car park round the back. Traders may enter the building to set up via the back yard which can be accessed within our car park. We also have a few trolley which you can use to transport stock. Rawtenstall Market or its management takes no responsibility for the transportation of your stock whilst using our trolleys. 

How big will my table be?

Table sizes vary but if you would like to come and see our set up before trading, please get in touch with one of our team.  

Will my pop up be inside or outside?

All pop ups will be situated in the indoor market hall. 

Can I cook hot food as part of my pop up?

We do not allow hot food to be cooked within the indoor market due to Health and Safety and also extraction. If you are a hot food pop up please email

Code of Conduct Download


If you are happy and would like to book, please use the following link BOOK HERE

Rawtenstall Market Pop Up Booking Page

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